Monday, July 29, 2013

Official short film 'Chances' in Canon's "Project Imagination" film contest

In June of this year, Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard and Canon photography began accepting video submissions for the 2013 "Project Imagination" short film contest. Twenty finalists will be chosen on August 19, and in Fall of 2013 five winners will be screened at the Project Imaginat10n Film Festival. Imaginos Workshop's own Mark C. Dudley accepted the challenge and teamed up with local videographer Phil A. Brown and Wrapped Productions (along with Snook Tucker and John Miller, Jr.) to create Chances.

It is a stylish short film about a man's last day in prison, as he muses thoughtfully about life inside and outside the walls that confine him. A series of photographs, taped to the wall near his cot, transport him outside his spartan cell. His voiceover provides a poetic and esoteric narrative thread, along with a fresh hip hop soundtrack that permeates the nearly 10 minute film. The film also features an appearance by Mutare Ludum and Imaginos Workshop's Danielle Todd and April Cox.

Watch the official video submission Chances on the Canon Project Imagination website. "Likes" and comments help the visibility of the video, so please vote and leave feedback!

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