Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Imaginos Hits C2E2 Part 1

Part 1

Last Thursday the Imaginos Workshop crew (Nik, Joe, Jon, Alexa and yours truly) set out for Chitown to attend the third annual Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo aka C2E2. From the start something was crazily amiss. As the crew came to my house to pick me up they ALL got a chance to meet Kim (my wife) and Delores (my mom-n-law). Moms and the wife were thoroughly entertained by Nik's jokes and Jon's...err...BLACK CAPE (who does this lol).

As we set off to Chicago we made a pitstop at the airport to pick up my lightbox from my buddy and collaborator Bar Scorpio and we were off again. After a few stops and some more hilarity we arrived at our hotel. Now is where the insanity begins. The Chinatown Hotel Insanity!!!

After dropping Joe and company off to handle the check-in business, Nik and I set of to find some Petrol to feed the conveyance. Little did we know until we got a call from Joe that all hell had broken loose. These clowns had screwed up our rooms a week earlier and then reneged on a promise to give us upgraded rooms for the mistake.

We ultimately ended up staying in a room no bigger than a broom closet, with some of us sleeping on the floor and others manning the beds. The first night Nik and I (angry as hell) got no sleep. A good and hilarious thing happened that night however. As we sat in the hotel kitchen/lounge/dungeon pondering how we were going to pay these Triad Gangsters back for messing up our rooms we found a kindred spirit in the form of DONTE. Expletives flew everywhere as Donte, a comic dealer from New York City, proceeded to tell us how he was being played like a sucka and was not gonna stand for it. He also went on his own tirade about the crappy room situation. Another good thing is that I was able to finish page one of Candy Coated.

Morning came and we finally got ready to get dressed and set off to the con and WOW!!! It was worth every penny. I felt like I was given the red carpet treatment the minute I walked up in McCormick Place. Huge Banners, multiple floors and EVERYTHING a comic convention could ever need all under one roof.
Restaurants, Kinkos and escalators EVERYWHERE. Also good (but expensive) food all around too. Man I was in heaven.

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