Friday, October 5, 2012

"READ ME OR ELSE!!!" - the shameless attention grabbing title
Hey Everyone,

             We’re almost two weeks into our Kickstarter campaign for the Imaginos Plus Comic Sampler.  So far I’d say that this process has been exciting and maddening but more importantly its fun.  Seriously, it is.  Mark would have a slightly different opinion because he’s our only artist and while he loves the actual art portion his perspective is naturally going to be different compared to mine or Joe or Jon’s. 

             I imagine that having your artwork evaluated is deeply personal because for this particular project that is the first thing everyone notices.  George Clooney had an interesting comment regarding actors and the process of auditioning, where people are evaluating ‘You’ directly so it’s impossible to not take their critique personally.  I agree with that because as writers and creators the rest of us sometimes feel that sting when a person hears your idea and goes “Meh, its OK” or “Nah, not really interested in that, but good luck though”. 

             Our marketing campaign has been pretty comprehensive considering the various outlets and media we’ve been utilizing.  I’ve personally taken to pestering my friends and family into supporting our Kickstarter project either by pledging or by spreading the word.  Is it shameless?  Nah not really.  Am I capable of shame?  Even better question, but the same answer applies.  So far the support has been pretty steady and with just over a month to go we expect things to pick up. 

            In the coming days you’re all going to see some pretty nice ‘Behind the Scenes’ material – especially what it’s like to work on these projects and with each other.  We chose to try our hand at Kickstarter because it was our chance to see how well we could organize and carry out the process of producing an actual comic book.  Yeah I could probably draw a bunch of stick figures and staple the pages together but that’d just be sinning against nature. 

           I’d like to invite everyone to listen for our next podcast on the ‘Honeycomb Hideout’ where you’ll get an idea of what its like inside the ‘Workshop’ – those of you who have listened to the show can vouch for the entertainment value once you put aside the egregious rips and merciless hate that we fling at each other.  We’ve posted a video update on our Kickstarter page and stay tuned for a few more so you can follow our progress.  My idea to use third world child labor was voted down by the guys, bless their hearts and for that reason we won’t have to do much creative editing for our upcoming video updates.

           Seriously though, thank you to everyone who is supporting us and have pledged to our Kickstarter project thus far.  Outside of our own personal joy in working on the project, your support and the desire to have you all enjoy it is of great motivation for us.  Please keep up the support and hang on for the ride.....or else :)


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