Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Honeycomb Hideout Episode 17: Yet Another Hot-Button

What's the best cure for the hump day blues? A brand new episode of the Honeycomb Hideout, that's what!! So, buck up, 'Combies, and get ready to open your ears and your mind because the gang's delving into uncharted territory. With special guest Sara Jakubowski, this week's discussion cascades around the arenas of gender and sexuality and how the world and counter culture deal with and interpret them. We get serious on this one, but we do it in our own way. So come on down, you may just learn something this time around.  ;)

And don't forget, gang, we're also on iTunes! So, feel free to download the show there as well.  :D  And don't hesitate to comment or suggest topics you like to hear us discuss! After all, the Honeycomb Hideout just ain't the same without the 'Combies.

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