Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WE'RE DOING IT LIVE! So get on the good foot and start kickin'!!

What's up, peeps? The Workshop has been insanely busy of late! But there's actually something that people have been waiting for that's finally coming to pass...


That's right, October 31st is the day! And it's also going live during Youmacon in Detroit! So for all of our supporters, your patience is paying off because the kickstarter's been completely revamped with better art and even stretch-goals! So stay tuned here and on facebook for more details.

But wait, that's not the only important event happening at Youmacon. The whole Imaginos crew's going to be in attendance and we've got swag! We're going to be selling copies of our latest sketchbook "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" for $2.99 and we'll also have copies of our "Imaginos Plus" kickstarter poster available for $5.00. Now, we know that Youmacon's a big show and that everyone attending is going to have stuff that they're going to want to pick and money will be tight. So the folks attending Youmacon are going to be able to pick up both the sketchbook AND the poster in a bundle for just $7.00!

However, that's not all. We're also going to be having two panels this weekend on story-telling and art, so if you're interested in learning what really goes into making your stories and comics, you'll definitely not want to miss these!

And for you fans of our little podcast, here's a little extra icing on the awesome cake, we'll also be recording for "The Honeycomb Hideout" throughout the weekend! We'll be doing numerous topics, as well as guest polls and all kinds of other craziness. So come on down and see how the boys and girls of the 'Hideout get down!

For those of you that aren't going to be able to make it to Youmacon, don't fret. We're in the process of talking to a lot of metro area comic shops about carrying Imaginos products, so stay tuned for that as well. :)

That's about it for right now. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week and even during the weekend, so make sure you're following the blog and our facebook page so that you don't miss a thing!
See y'all in Detroit!


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