Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review: Goals Not Dreams

I usually don't like going backward but this past year warrants a look. We left 2012 a little dejected as we had failed our first Kickstarter attempt. But being the never say die hard chargers we are we drudged forward. In 2013 We completed the first complete draft of our movie script. Yup, 110 some pages of work that we are revising still.
We also completed a short film with our partners at Wrapped Productions and Mill Movement Conglomerates called CHANCES for Canon's Project Imagination with Ron Howard. Even though our shoot was tight, we still showed in the top 40 of submissions with hundreds of submissions behind us.
We also just recently got our supernatural sci-fi pitch DARK DAYS back into corporate hands for review, as well as completing the curriculum for the non profit.
Image Art From "Dark Days" by Mike Majestic, using Vulne Pro
Finally at the end of this year, we relaunched the Kickstarter for our comic anthology iMAGINOs Plus and the rest, shall we say, is history

We want to thank everybody who believes in iMAGINOs Workshop.This year we are going to work to get these iMAGINOs PLUS issues one and two out. We will be relaunching iMAGINOS TV on YouTube and we will be focusing on getting more done in the short film Arena and in Hollywood. 
People always tell us how cool it is that we can follow our dreams. I never want to sound like a dick, so I just smile and listen. What's going on inside my head, however, is this: dreams are for people who don't have the talent (or work ethic) to make what's in their head manifest. We Imaginos Workshop people we don't have dreams, WE HAVE GOALS. Goals are what people have when they make solid plans to achieve things and have the talent to back it up. 

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