Thursday, September 29, 2016

Better Pontiac Comic Book Workshop

For the last few years I have been teaching comic book illustration and writing under the auspices of the Metro Detroit artists group Detroit Trade Craft. I trained many artists under that group who have gone on to do some outstanding work. However it was decided that Detroit Tradecraft wasn't in the business of training any longer, so I had a dilemma...

If I wanted to keep training artists I would need some support. It just so happens that my long-time buddies Sean Kammer and Chris Gratten had started a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making my hometown of Pontiac, Michigan a better place. So ultimately I thought maybe I could do some things together with their non profit Better Pontiac. So I took the workshop to them to help me facilitate.

It has worked out wonderfully so far. Last year's class put out an anthology comic showcasing the writing and drawing skills of the group. This year our goal is to do the same. I teach a Wednesday night workshop at our local university. I teach 3 Saturday classes (1 in Pontiac, 1 in Downtown Detroit and a late night Skype Class). I have met some outstanding people teaching this class and many of the students self-publish.

Sean, his wife Megan, and Chris, along with our liaison and fellow board member Alexa are outstanding people. Their belief in the program makes me want to work even harder to produce an outstanding crop of creators.

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