Friday, September 9, 2011

Coming Soon

Hey Everyone,

              Mark's been kind in his praise but to be fair he showed me how to 'flat'.  The toughest part was actually picking the colors but otherwise the overall process is not as time consuming as I originally thought.  As long as you follow a couple of simple rules it is not too complicated but then again I was only instructed to do base coloring.  Its a lot of fun and it makes you feel involved in the art process of the project.  I also feel like its a good skill to learn especially if it will help Mark out since he's essentially our only principal artist right now. 

             'Flatting' also helps me in the writing process because as I'm adding colors sometimes I'll get an idea about that particular character stemming from a strange symbol on their armor or just seeing them for the first time (which was the case regarding the Villains file you see below).  I was lucky enough to practice what I learned on some of Mark's work from his deviant art page so that gave me confidence.  Once you get the hang of the basic functions the whole process really flows smoothly.  If a luddite like myself can do it then trust me all of you can do it and probably with better results.  I was making up colors as I went along praying that I got some of them right.  But really there was no pressure because Mark was there to help make sure I didn't pick something too crazy and not to mention Joe and Jon would also catch any mistakes.  That's the fun part of having a crew to work with - it creates a nice safety net which eases the stress.

             Stay tuned because very soon we'll be launching a weekly installment on just how we work on projects here at Imaginos Workshop - starting with the concept of a story and then going through the process of fleshing it out, creating the world and finally making it ready to present to the world.  It'll be a nice little window into our creative mad-house.

              So  until next time take care and.....ok look....I'm not good with ending blog posts...I got no fancy catch phrase or cool parting words....just a whole lot of its weird too...damn it I need to come up with a sign off.


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