Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Honeycomb Hideout: (New) Episode 4: Culture Shock

Alright, homies of the underground, we're doing things a little bit differently this time around. This episode... we get political and cultural! The gang (Joe, Mark, Nik AND Jon) are all here to weigh in on the topic of lack of cultural definition in the youth of America. Past that, you gotta hear it to believe it! So come on down and learn something!
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  1. here's the break down on "Moe". basic research says that it's a fetish towards a character in the sense that the person really effin loves them or feels a big pull or attraction to it. this isnt a sexual driven thing rather more akin to how a child will adore a kitten. another quality of something being moe can be a sense of protectiveness. as to say you dont want to see the character hurt. the word actually means to bud our sprout. which is one of the prime reasons most characters said to be moe are female ones as its a feminine style word.
    most moe characters to give a summary, are the ones that you would call perky,cute behavior,sometimes infependant behavior. girls that are moe are called moekko. so theres that shit in a nutshell thanks wikipedia and google

  2. Thanks a gazillion. I really had no idea how to quantify it.