Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tools of the Trade

Over the next few weeks I have decided that I need to talk about about what creative tools are at our disposal.
I want to talk about the most basic of tools first and move on to other, more, demanding applications.

The first thing that usually happens here at Imaginos Workship is one of us will have a light bulb moment.
No matter if it be a comic book moment or a feature film moment, we get a creative moment. At this point one of us will call the other, or if no one is around  we put the idea on physical or digital notes, using the Sticky Note or Wordpad functions in Windows. If we can connect with another of our crew the Riffing begins, sometimes at ungodly hours.



At this point we are using MS Word  to jot down our ideas. After we have an appreciable amount of ground work done, our work goes up onto our Dropbox account. It allows everyone in the crew to take and look at the idea and in most cases add something to it.


Wordpad comes with windows, however, If you need a copy of Stickynotes and only have Windows XP then download a copy for free at 

For Dropbox go to

The key is to stay organized and these tools can help with that and the collaboration process. 

Next we will talk CELTX and the process of  condensing that idea into an outline and then a script. 
I will also talk about some of the books that are helping us to become better writers. 


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