Sunday, October 2, 2011

And So It Begins!!!!

Hey I am very excited to have finished the first of many pieces of art for the k -Imaginos Multiverse Sourcebook Imaginos Declassified. Since he is the 2nd oldest of Imaginos' characters it is only fitting that we start with the image of Amaru Jones aka The Yobineteru. I created this guy back in 9th grade, circa 1983. He was created in the Palladium Books superhero RPG.

While transitioning the character into sci-fi comics, I have had a  great amount of fun crafting his world and that if his supporting cast.Story is the most important element of anything that we do here at Imaginos. As with any group of creators we glean a great deal from what we watch, read and hear. Thus it should be of know surprise that though physically oriented, I realized recently that Amaru has a great deal in common with The 11th Doctor Who. In particular, the Doctor as portrayed in the "Demon's Run Episode".

Amaru grows a lot over the course of his adventures and tends to look at his friends as his family, and like the Doctor in that episode, will rain hell on anyone who tries to use them to get to him.
So without further exposition, here is Amaru Jones aka THE YOBI!!!!!