Friday, October 14, 2011

Imaginos Multiverse Wiki!

Over the last few months we have been honing our storytelling abilities as well as our artistic ones.
We have been able to put together some really great stuff and we wouldn't mind sharing it with our fans.

We wanted to do something kinda like the old Marvel Universe books, so we concocted a scheme. Most people don't put out sourcebooks until they have gotten a pretty decent amount of buzz concerning their properties. We are doing it DIFFERENTLY.

We want to use the technology at hand to put out a virtual sourcebook, on our wiki Imaginos Multiverse.
We believe that after the users have read the wiki entries, they will decide a lot better whether to give our work a chance.

I am happy to be able share with you guys a near finished profile page.

This profile is filled with information which will start the readers down a journey with this character. It is important to us, that you kind of know the character when you delve into the comic. Also the Wiki is going to have information on all of the pivotal happenings that make up the worlds of Imaginos.

We welcome any feedback we can get. Thanks


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