Friday, October 21, 2011

Nik Joe and Jon......

I gotta tell you, just when I think we are sailing along ok another ideas pops up outta nowhere.
Yesterday Nik and I were doing some work on a spec script we are trying to pitch. He showed me some ideas that I think worked out very well, but then he showed me something else.

I can't get into the particulars but suffice to say, the idea is funny as hell and
1. I never saw it coming
2. I never saw THIS coming from Nik in a million years.

That just made me realize what a talented crew of dudes I am working with these days.
All the lessons we have learned and continue to learn are crystallizing these days.

Take Joe Cain into account. I have been working with him on his drawing for a few years now
and I saw some real progress this last week in his understanding of certain Key concepts. He is
opening his mind now to the fact that if one wants to be better at a skill, one must put in the work.

I also like to see Jon Ross, taking an active roll in pushing  his ideas and being passionate about what he believes. Jon is also a very critical guy, which I appreciate immensely.

I think these guys along with my own evil and curmudgeon like approach are headed for massive success. We are 4 different people who happen to balance one another out, and in the midst of any serious endeavor that is all that is all that you can really ask for. 


  1. You're talking about us? Damn for half a second I was like 'Man I really need to meet these guys that Mark is talking about...then I realized it was us and I was like...Nah'

    To be fair that is the what we do - come up with ideas, Jon & Joe have plenty in the vault and we don't even need to get into how many ideas you to Mark cause this blog ain't big enough.

    But yeah we have fun coming up with the ideas especially in the environment we created.

  2. True all that, Mark. This scenario is like if Luke said "HELL YEAH" when Vader stretched out his hand to rule the galaxy together. Unstoppable.