Monday, August 29, 2011

Creating a Super Hero

Hey Everyone,
Creating a Super Hero was one of the best parts about working on Candy Coated outside of working with Mark, Joe and Jon (contractually obligated to say that last part).  Creating ‘Siege’ was a lot of fun because Mark placed no limits on the actual design of him and was adamant about including my input on the actual look of the character.  That was an incredible process because all that I had to do was get within a certain range and Mark could pick up on what I wanted for the character.  One particular part that I have to give full props to Mark for is the design of Siege’s mask because originally I had some trouble picking the exact look for it. 
He comes up to me one day and proposes this skull look for the mask, literally drawing the sketch in front of me.  I took one look at it and instantly liked it.  One of the other fun parts was talking to Joe and Jon about the character.  Since Siege was the last to join Candy Coated I wanted to create a character type that didn’t exist in the group yet.  The team had plenty of crazy and funny characters but they did not have the ‘straight man’ as Joe and Jon put it.  While Siege can be funny it was in a very dry and sardonic way which I felt complemented the rest of the characters well.
I have to admit that it was very gratifying to create the back story, powers and skills for Siege.  Inventing childhood memories, personal experiences really helped me understand the character and then Mark completed the puzzle by sketching the character which you can see on earlier entries.  Once Siege was created it was fun to actually use the character in gaming sessions because to me it gave him life. Interacting with the amazing characters that Jon (Kid Voltage), Joe (Magna Red) and those created by our friends helped add a very necessary human element to the experience because now these weren’t the actions of static characters, but the insanity of real people.  It also helps that I got to play Siege as a badass while still dishing out and taking the comic hijinks of the group.  With Mark creating the skeleton of a story he let us all fill in the details with our actions which made working on Candy Coated one of the most rewarding and unique experiences of my life. 
All that I can say is that once the Sourcebook and Sampler are released you’ll get a chance to see what I’m talking about.   Stay tuned for further updates as the crazy train keeps rolling. 


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