Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Persistance and Focus

I have noticed over the last year and a half that Imaginos has been more in a holding pattern than actually moving as it should be. However, I feel that that phase has now past. It seems that our momentum is through the roof right now. Through persistence and clear and realistic planning we are on the cusp of getting our comic book sampler out by early November, our Sourcebook guide to the characters of the Imaginos Megaverse is moving along nicely and will be on sale for Detroit Fanfare in September.

We have been working on a film script with a Hollywood guy we know and it seems that the review has gotten a thumbs up, so now we can proceed to write the 1st draft of the script. I have to admit that I had my doubts concerning if we would ever buckle down and make the screenplay thing happen. However, I have been pleasantly surprise by the enthusiasm that the entire crew has been showing the work lately.

Here's to keeping on keeping on.


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