Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A step among many

So... here we are. With the momentum that we here at Imaginos have been experiencing lately, we decided that we wanted to let our fans/supporters take the ride along with us. 

I remember when we first started working together; at first, it was just me and Mark for a long time and then we were joined by Nik and Jon as our projects started shifting around in terms of priority. It was a bit of going from there because, like any group, we needed to get used to working together and that's always one of the hardest parts to any endeavors, especially one like Imaginos. But we stuck it out, we kept working and now we have you fine people following our exploits, so that tells me we must be doing something right.

Anybody that knows me knows how much of a comic book guy I am, so it's easy for me t think of this in those terms. It was the first team-up, which had it's bumps and it's hilarious moments, but then came the moment when the team-up became the team and that first mission. The mission in truth is ongoing and the hilarious moments are never going to stop (heaven help us when we get our studio), but we're all glad to have y'all along for the ride. Trust me, it's gonna be an interesting one at the very least.


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