Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Building a world

You know, a lot of people love stories. Whether it be listening to them or telling them, people have loved them since the dawn of time (I wonder if dinosaurs told stories and if they did, what were they? Hopefully, they consisted of more than what they just ate.) and will continue to love them until the universe destabilizes and dies out (makes you wonder what the LAST story ever told would be). But I am reminded time and time again that so many people that love stories really don't know what goes into making a story. Hell, I used to be one of them!

One of the properties that will be featured in our upcoming books (Imaginos Declassified and Imaginos Plus), Requiem, is one that I created with Mark and HOLY CRAP has it gone through changes. When I first started working on it, it was a VERY different book and the thing that most people don't tell you is that when you create a story, you have to create certain rules for the world that story takes place in. If it takes place in a world exactly like ours, then you have to adhere to the rules that govern the world we live in. If it takes place in a world completely different from ours, then you have to create a complete set of rules for it and STICK TO THEM!! It took me a while to learn that one, but it was a necessary and worthwhile lesson that we all have to learn and stick to.

I mean, seriously, think about it. Even the craziest off-the-wall story you've seen/read has rules to its world and, if it's a good one, then they stuck to them. Don't get me wrong, it's still fun as hell, creating new worlds and characters to populate it, but what's the point unless it makes sense, right? It's a long process but ultimately, it'll improve your story immensely.

This message was brought to you by the ramblings of a storyteller seeking to assist his brood. Thank you and enjoy your day.


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