Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Confessions of a Rabble Rouser

Holy Crap! I’m finally writing another blog post – this has been a long time coming.  After several subtle reminders from the guys including re-enacting the first five minutes of 'Zero Dark Thirty' (Recommend to check it out) I decided now was the time to put up this post.   I’m kidding, the guys never used violence since their methods only result in emotional and spiritual damage so it’s OK.  Fortunately thanks to some dynamite coffee and a bit of sunshine I’ve been afforded a period of lucidity which I’ve chosen to spend on this blog post instead of perusing such treasured YouTube classics like ‘Kate Upton Got Served’, ‘Beyonce’s –Naughty Girl’ and ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’.

Amongst the guys here at Imaginos Workshop I would be someone you could call a ‘Rabble Rouser’ among other more colorful titles.  I have to be honest, even when engaging in something such as rabble rousing, it is best to have a purpose otherwise it becomes nothing but senseless background noise and I reserve those moments to help deal with my insomnia, so that my descent into madness is gentle.  By the way I love run-on sentences. 

I prefer to rabble rouse because more often than not aside from the screaming, crying and general chaos, occasionally something constructive comes out of it.  Here at Imaginos Workshop we use all methods to our advantage.  I find that I’m more creative when stirring things up because by accident you may stumble upon a certain perspective that you never noticed regarding a project.  For example, whenever I manage to sneak in to the Honeycomb Hideout which is the official podcast of Imaginos Workshop, I do my best to leave tact and decency at the door much to Joe’s chagrin.  He’s the host of the podcast and usually spends some of his time regretting my presence on the show and at times even my existence (It’s all love though).

One topic covered over the course of the episodes (now on iTunes) was in regards as to how ‘Geeks’ were ridiculed for their mad love of Comic Book movies, going as far as dressing up in costume, camping out early, and counting down the days to the release date.  Usually the ridicule comes from people who say they aren’t into comics, outgrew them, or do ‘cooler shit’.  As a rabble rouser, I’d turn my attention to these people and point out that some of them have ‘Fantasy Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey’ Draft parties and leagues where they’re the ‘General Managers’.  If you think a thirty five year old dude dressed up as Iron Man is lame, imagine how fucked up it is to think that you’re the ‘owner’ of a sports team that is NOT on Madden 2013. People in the Fantasy Leagues follow players on levels that make the Paparazzi and actual stalkers jealous.  I mean damn.

Then you got the ‘Oscar, Emmy & Golden Globe’ Viewing parties to discuss several aspects including snubs, fashion, & results, which could be seen as a Book Club that just gave up and said ‘Fuck it, we’ll just watch the movies instead.’  Then you got the people who are fanatically aware of world events and politics that they feel it’s their job to educate the rest of the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ & ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ crowd (Yes I’m judging while defending) but doing so with all the charm of a rectal hemorrhoid.  I mean come on.

So, if you felt anything other than boredom and regret after reading this blog post, well consider that part of the overall purpose of a Rabble Rouser.  Those duties could also include provoking anger, hate, disgust, burning bags of poop on the porch, or constructive conversation (preferred).  Sometimes it’s saying things so outlandish that it wavers between courage (very rare) and provocateur (yeah that’s it) in order to help advance the general conversation as in “Yeah now we know where not to go!” Or “Huh, that was unexpectedly insightful, let’s find a way to say it better though.”  And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, I do not speak for all rabble rousers, but that is part of the method to my madness.  Now then if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a YouTube ‘Yoda Gangnam Style’ video that requires my attention.  Oh look…it comes in HD too!