Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Imaginos Movie Review: "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Review by Joseph Young

            Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing.  I’d love to just leave it at that and call it a day, but I can’t in good conscience do that to you guys.  This movie left very little to be desired and those are only nit picks on my part, one of which is that I wish it was just a bit longer. "Guardians" had me laughing and overall completely engaged, but when the backstories came out for the individual characters, things got serious.  It's hard to pull off that kind of blend in a movie and another to bounce back and forth with it and still make you feel like your not missing a thing, and this movie kills it in that regard, but in a good way.

            The characters were on point too; Star Lord was funny as hell he always had a one liner or some remark to make, even when the dude is being heroic and does something right, he has to pop off a joke or something.  The guy is all about the 80s, I was sitting there in the theater and I was actually able to count off the number of references at one point.  All that said, Star Lord is easily the most fleshed out character in the movie, it starts with him and we do see a lot of growth in him threw out the movie.

Gamora…wow, this chick should have her own movie. I mean, every character gets screen time and they all get a backstory and all get treated fair in that regard, but there are some characters that I wanted to see more of, problem being that a single movie would not allow for that.  Rocket, yes the raccoon with the gun, this guy was a scene stealer throughout the whole movie. Every scene he was in, it was either funny as hell or emotional, and that's really a tough call because Peter Quill (Star Lord) was exactly the same way. But Rocket stole the show for me, I walked out of the theater a Big fan of that raccoon.
            This movie was very much "Avengers" meets "Firefly". You have an ensemble crew that shouldn’t work well together but does oh so well, you have a space ship and a galaxy to go and make trouble in, and there's even a point in the trailer where you get the feeling that while these guys are the good guys, they aren’t against taking the odd or slightly illegal job to keep on doing what they do.  My one gripe is that the movie ended too soon and that I wanted to see more of the characters and the world they are in and that's how a movie is supposed to be done.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Honeycomb Hideout Episode Special: In the Trenches

Alright, 'Combies! Mark Dudley's taking the reins once again for a special artist-centric episode of the Honeycomb Hideout. Returning to the Hideout is phenomenal artist Sharard Jackson and making her debut in the Hideout is Whitney Cook, an incredibly talented colorist and one of our collaborators on our soon-to-be-completed anthology "Imaginos Plus" as the colorist on Mark Dudley's "Juda Fist".

A great many serious and inane topics abound in this episode as the trio discuss the ins-and-outs of making a kickstarter work, the trials and tribulations of comic book production and politics involved in the professional and fan portions of the comics community. There's likely more there too, so come on down and enjoy!

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