Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Honeycomb Hideout Episode 30: Comic Movie Madness Part 1

Alright, Combies! We've got a special episode of the Hideout for you this time around. As Superhero and Comic Book movies have taken the mainstream by storm in recent years, Joe Cain felt it was time to take a look back just how we got to this point. Assisting with this assessment, he's brought Erik Westfall, Kim/Fr3nchKitti3 and Paul the Engineer along to explore the past and present of superhero films and how they were affected by the source material and how the source material were affected by them. It was such a big conversation, that we had to split it in two, so enjoy this first shot but don't worry, the second will be coming soon enough!  ;)

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P.S.: Better listen to the episode for context on these images.  :D