Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WE'RE DOING IT LIVE! So get on the good foot and start kickin'!!

What's up, peeps? The Workshop has been insanely busy of late! But there's actually something that people have been waiting for that's finally coming to pass...


That's right, October 31st is the day! And it's also going live during Youmacon in Detroit! So for all of our supporters, your patience is paying off because the kickstarter's been completely revamped with better art and even stretch-goals! So stay tuned here and on facebook for more details.

But wait, that's not the only important event happening at Youmacon. The whole Imaginos crew's going to be in attendance and we've got swag! We're going to be selling copies of our latest sketchbook "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" for $2.99 and we'll also have copies of our "Imaginos Plus" kickstarter poster available for $5.00. Now, we know that Youmacon's a big show and that everyone attending is going to have stuff that they're going to want to pick and money will be tight. So the folks attending Youmacon are going to be able to pick up both the sketchbook AND the poster in a bundle for just $7.00!

However, that's not all. We're also going to be having two panels this weekend on story-telling and art, so if you're interested in learning what really goes into making your stories and comics, you'll definitely not want to miss these!

And for you fans of our little podcast, here's a little extra icing on the awesome cake, we'll also be recording for "The Honeycomb Hideout" throughout the weekend! We'll be doing numerous topics, as well as guest polls and all kinds of other craziness. So come on down and see how the boys and girls of the 'Hideout get down!

For those of you that aren't going to be able to make it to Youmacon, don't fret. We're in the process of talking to a lot of metro area comic shops about carrying Imaginos products, so stay tuned for that as well. :)

That's about it for right now. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week and even during the weekend, so make sure you're following the blog and our facebook page so that you don't miss a thing!
See y'all in Detroit!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Imaginos Plus:Kickstarting An Anthology(and other Fall Business)

This year Imaginos Workshop has managed to meet all of it's goals so far. From a business standpoint,We took care of our business status and got our tax id. We were 

able to get our legal house in order and procured Stephanie Hammond as our intellectual property representation. 

Creatively, we got our first 120 page film script done. We also were able to get our Reality show Idea in the hands of people who could help it out and we wrote and shot CHANCES with Wrapped Productions and Mill Movement. 

The last thing we need to do to make this year perfect is RELAUNCH, to a certain extent of IMAGINOS PLUS. When we first concieved the project a year or so ago we thought it would be more of a Sampler, that we could share with our audience to kind of gauge the popularity of our comic book ideas. 

However, as I thought more about it, and found more stories from friends an collaborators that I thought needed to be told, we decided to try to make Imaginos Plus a bi annual ( and maybe quarterly if demand is strong for it) anthology magazine. We want the magazine to be a place where people can show the work and talk about the industry, ideas and people who do the work. Sure we want stories launched from the anthology to move on to other forms of media and other publishers, but we want it help showcase people who we think are really talented and mostly overlooked. 

To kick this thing off, We decided to take some of the heat off yours truly and bring in some help on the penciling side. While I am currently penciling my own contribution, Juda Fist: 7 Deaths of the Yobi, We have hired to amazingly talented young people to do the rest of the penciling chores. 

Enter Dimitris Moore,Cassie Henry,Gary Mitchell,  and CJ Howlett. I met the first two artists at last years Detroit Fanfare and this year Motorcity Con respectively. I knew I wanted to work with them the minute I saw their work. So I showed the rest of Imaginos and they agreed.

Gary and CJ I met on Deviant Art, I saw there work and again, knew they had the inking chops and Unique colors respectively to bring something extra ordinary to the cause.

Returning from last time are veterens Ylenia Di Nopoli, Shauna Grant, Ka Xiong and Brandon Clark. I found Ylenia's work on Deviant Art and she fit exactly the vision I had for how Requiem needs come across. Shauna I met a Youmacon and new then that her playful and vibrant style would make Candy Coated pop color-wise.

Ka Xiong and Brandon Clark along with myself and Ryan Csazar and our extended family formThe Mighty Drunkenstyle Studios.

Back in 1995 we came together because of shared philosophies as it relates to comics, anime, hong kong cinema and visual story telling. So its no accident that Ka and Brandon would be coming in to lend some ink assists to truly make this anthology not just and Imaginos Workshop project but a bonifide DRUNKENSTYLE JOINT!.

So set them calendars for OCTOBER 31th, and before then look for information on this very page and the Imaginos Workshop Facebook pages, as from here on in we will be releasing more and more information up and until and after the launch of the Imaginos Plus Anthology Kickstarter.  I will be at Detroit Fanfare Oct 25-27 sitting with Palladium Books doing sketches and talking up the Kickstarter. The following week is gonna be huge as IMAGINOS WORKSHOP will be at Detroit only anime convention YOUMACON. We will be selling things and giving away Imaginos Plus related Swag. We will also be talking up the Kickstarter and our doing some really cool how to create comics seminars.

Ah here is a treat from CJ's Youtube page Art Tips and Life Blips.Rage .Droppin science.