Monday, October 2, 2017

The Honeycomb Hideout Episode 48: A Wind Down of Mass Distraction

ALRIGHT, 'COMBIES!! Now, we've reached a point in time in which there's so much unfortunateness and ugliness in our day-to-day lives. I mean, it's everywhere you turn! So, in an attempt to combat this and keep our audience's moods on the upswing, your boys have got you covered with another melee episode! We're busting out our nuclear option to make sure y'all remember that, while things may suck A LOT, they don't have to all the time. So kick back and relax with ya' boys and let's ride this wave of good vibes out togethere!

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For the sake of reference, here's Joe's favorite Spider-Man theme (commence the judgement): Spectacular Spider-Man theme
And of course, here we have the ever astonishing Gwendoline Christie: AwesomeStunning, and the Show-stopper!
And then there is, the Marvel Legacy trailer. Maybe you'll get something from it we didn't... LOL

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