Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Hey Everyone,

         We're four days out from Detroit Fan Fare 2011 and getting close to unveiling our first project.  While Joe, Jon and I have been working hard towards our launch, nobody has put in as much work as Mark Dudley.  To give you an example as to how hard he's busting his ass, the man's been putting in 32 hours of work in a 24 hour day.  He's also balancing a 9 to 5, family life and Imaginos Workshop projects while budgeting a few minutes of sleep and food somewhere in there. 

         Mark sets the tone for us and when he's working through the day & night it motivates us to work harder.  Of course the general forfeiture of sleep we all endure contributes to our creativity at Imaginos Workshop.  Naturally this adds a tinge of madness to most of our ideas but its a welcome consequence.  Despite all the hard work, speaking for myself, this is a lot of fun and Mark has been a big part of that by leading by example. 


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