Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getcha Grind On!!

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Time management is the operative term for the next week and a half, as we enter the home stretch as it relates to getting IMAGINOS DECLASSIFIED done and ready to go to the printers. So far I am swamped with school and finishing inks and graytones on the Detroit Tradecraft book THE DOOR issue 2.

Thus I am going to have to really hall ass on Imaginos stuff just to make sure it gets done, on time and properly.
I have to say that asking Nik and Joe to do color flats for the characters in the book is probably the smartest thing I have done in a while. Nik showed me flats for two things he did yesterday and I gotta say that for a beginner, I WAS HIGHLY IMPRESSED!!!. Nik's flat work is very tight, tight enough to post one of the pieces later tonight.

Joe and Jon have coordinate now and get some of the odds and ends done, like new business cards and ads and the like but overall,, I am really confident about this book. I cant't wait until it is in you guys hands as it is one hell of an introduction to the IMAGINOS MULTIVERSE!!

Here is a Sneek Peak at one of the pages for the DOOR issue 2 that I just inked!!!!!


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