Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

When the idea came up to start a multimedia company that combined aspects of writing, art, video and idea generating my response, put simply, was why not? I met Mark, Joe and Nick in a seemingly haphazard way, in the same way that all coincidences seem more like fate (or is it the other way around?) After all, we are talented individuals who possess certain skill-sets; who's to say we couldn't make a real go at this thing? And by "this thing," I guess I mean entertainment (to put it vaguely), whether it's movies, comics, shorts or some combination of them all. We already participate in these various entertainment mediums, so why not start creating them? The Hollywood prototype is a shambling and dusty monstrosity, and the comic world is facing the same technological shift that has already claimed the lives of Blockbuster and Borders Books. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, only to make sure it rolls more smoothly. This is entertainment created by the fans, for the fans.

So why not? The talent is there, and so is the desire. Anybody who's ever made a living doing what they love will tell you that above all you must want it so much it hurts.Of course it takes more than talent and desire to be successful. All your desires will amount to nothing if you don't put in the work, and that to me is the crux. Work, work and then work some more. Do it insatiably and never give up. Like Guru says, "put in work, and watch your status escalate." You will be disappointed, rejected and put down. You will look at your own work and be dissatisfied. All of this is good. It means you're on the right track. Think about it this way: the worst case scenario is that you fail. Once you get over that thought you are completely fearless. Go and do it.


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